Management And Organisation

Business Name: K2015413604 (South Africa) Pty Ltd Trading As: ERN Fuel Services Physical Address: No 4, Block 14, Pinnacle Point, Mossel Bay 6500 Postal address: P O Box 308, Mossel Bay 6500 Contact number: 082 828 3336 Contact Person: Name: Geoffrey Hobbs Position: Director Cell: 082 828 3336 Email: ghobbs@gh-accounting.co.za And Lubricants To The Commercial And Industrial Sectors.

Geoffrey Hobbs (Chairman and CEO)

Geoffrey has extensive experience in financial management, accounting, and auditing, corporate governance in the diamond and mining industries as well as various production environments He is director at GH accounting and supports numerous non-profit companies and upstart organizations with financial and management advice.

Marcelle lamour (General Manager-Sales & Marketing)

Marcelle is a sales and marketing expert. She is experienced in the import, marketing, sales, operations and distribution of various products. She is an excellent relationship manager and has a strong training and customer service management background gained in the chemical, jewellery and printing industries.

Grant Lamour (Operations and Distribution Manager)

Grant is an entrepreneur by nature and has a proven track record of running smooth and successful operations. He is an excellent negotiator and able to effectively and direct the fast-paced and dynamic nature of distribution and logistics

DH Consulting (Consulting Services: Fuel Industry, Business Strategy and Human Capital)

A small consulting firm with deep industry knowledge in petrochemical and refinery as well as business optimization and human capital management. This organization provides advice and support to ERN Fuels.

Together this forms quite a formidable team with a combined total of over 140 years of experience in key aspects across the entire value chain. The organization will further be staffed based on achievement of its strategic plan.ERN Fuel Services is a new entrant into the wholesale of fuel and lubricant oil arena. We have a sound business model and believe that on securing our wholesale fuel license we will be able to make a sizeable contribution towards building a sustainable, profitable business, and contributing towards job creation and skills development in our country.We are financial providers for a variety of Social Iniatives in the Cape Province including the Funding of a School for Autistic Children,Ethanrhatinoah School in Mossel Bay as well as Feeding Programes and Job Creation.