Company K2015413604 (South Africa) Pty Ltd (trading as ERN Fuel Services)is a new entrant into the petroleum and lubricant industry. It was registered in 2016 and the director is from a previously disadvantaged background. The company is 100% black owned and managed. ERN Fuel Services was founded to provide a one stop petroleum solution i.e. fuels and lubricants to industry, which is currently dominated by the Oil Majors. There is a potential gap in the market for a local supplier of fuel and lubricant oil to bulk users.


To provide outstanding service at competitive prices to our clients by supplying fuel and lubricant oil to bulk users. Our products are delivered on-time and according to our client’s needs and specifications.


ERN Fuel Services provides a one-stop petroleum solution to industry (both wholesale fuel and lubricant oil) in the Western and North Cape of South Africa. As sole agents of LUKOIL products in South Africa, we provide high quality lubricants to the South African Market in combination with locally produced fuels sourced from local refineries (Southern and Western Cape). Through service excellence and a focus on-time supply, and consistency in availability of products ERN Fuel Services is distinguished as a preferred supplier and wholesaler in the petroleum industry in the Western and North Cape. Skills Development ERN Fuel Services is committed to skills development and capacity building. ERN Fuel Services Pty Ltd plans to support job creation through its day-to-day business activities (administration, sales, marketing, and distribution functions). Values At ERN Fuel Services our values are: Honesty, Integrity, Commitment, Service Excellence, Professionalism, and Sound Corporate Governance.


The global lubricants market is segmented on the basis of type, application, and region. Major industries and applications that will play a key role in growing the lubricants market are; transportation (due to the increased number of on road vehicles), industrial machinery and equipment, and the demand for mineral oil lubricants (because of their low cost and easy availability).

ERN Fuel Services – Our Unique Value Proposition Based on the target market and competitor analysis outlined above ERN Fuel Services aims to provide its clients with the following unique value proposition: Products: To supply high quality on specification (petrol, diesel and lubricant oil) on time and in full. Price: To provide our clients with the “best price possible” within the industry regulated price margins. Service: To develop win-win partnerships with our clients and in so doing make us stand out as the most cost-effective, efficient, friendly, and sought after wholesale supplier of petrol, diesel and lubricant oil.